UFC FIGHTER, Joe Torrez defends his home against four invaders!

A Mixed Martial Arts fighter faces criminal charges after fending off four men who invaded his home – killing one and leaving another seriously injured.


Joe Torrez, 27, beat and stabbed two of the attackers before the other pair fled following the New Year’s Day break-in, according to authorities in Dora Ana County in New Mexico.

The man who died at the scene has been named as Sal Garces, 25, who had entered the house with his brother Raymond, 19, Nathan Avalos, 20, and Leonard Calvillo, 22.

Avalaos was taken to hospital with ‘severe’ facial injuries, police said.



The gang reportedly broke in around 2am, the Las Cruces Sun-News reports.

According to Raymond Garces there had been bad blood between them and Torrez from a previous altercation.

Torrez, who was at home with his young son and fiancee, received threatening phone calls from Calvillo saying he was “big Eastside” and would “kill all his famiy” according to court documents.

They later heard a “big bang” and the group were inside the home.

It is unclear exactly how Garces came to be fatally injured but Torrez’s lawyer said his client was simply defending himself.

A Facebook page has been set up in support of the MMA fighter






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  1. hahahah…that serves those scumbags right….next time they dont try such

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